Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Wedding bells!

I was so excited when I was asked to do some wedding invites and decor for an upcoming wedding. Theme: Roarimg 20's!!! How fun!
I got to work and made a few samples for the bride to be to pick from or give me a starting off point anyhow! 
These were some of the samples that I made...
And finally the one she choose....
You have to pull the heart tab in order to see the invitation! I think they are adorable and a good choice! 
Now, she also wanted something to put on the back of their truck for after their ceremony. Voila, their own buggy!! 
I even added their names to the back window of the buggy but never got to snap a picture of that! Oops! 
And finally, after all the partying and it's time to to back to their room...they don't want to be disturbed! 
So, everything got delivered this morning and everyone is happy and I can't wait to see the actual pictures from the fairy tale wedding in September!
Congrats guys...you know who you are!!  

Happy crafting everyone!!