Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Geared up a 'masculine' card!

As most of you who know me know...I have such a hard time with these masculine cards. I always want to find a way to be able to stick in a touch of pink, or if not pink then at least a liquid pearl...or 9.

This card was created while trying to come up with some future classes at Shabby Shutters. I see this little guy peeking his way into an October Card Class. Stamping, inking, embossing powders, Utee...just a few of my favorite things!

I am still working like crazy on Holiday cards for my October 6th class "24 Cards of the Season". Wait until you see all 24 of these cards together. They are looking really nice.

So, as the sun peeks in my loft windows I do believe that means it is time to turn on my Keurig and make the first cup of coffee of the day and head into my creative chaos of a mess!

Happy craftin'!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Holiday head start!

A few weeks ago the gals and I from Shabby Shutters got away for a weekend of crafting. I didn't end up getting any scrapbooking done but I did manage to get a nice head start on some of my Holiday cards that I sell at the Airport.

Embossing is such a quick and easy way to create a beautiful card. The above 3 cards were all created with a simple embossing folder and some colored ink pads. Not a bad effect for such a simple process.

I ended up making about 20 in one day of crafting so I will post a few here and there through out the next few months leading into the season.

So...don't let intimidation get to you when deciding if you should buy or make your Holiday cards. If you started an assembly line you could easily mass produce these cards in an afternoon of crafting!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Crazy Canvas Art

I don't know who put something in the water I have been drinking lately, but who ever it is, and what ever it is...I like it. It has been making me feel very inspired!

This piece of art on canvas is not normally something I would do, nor is the 'style' of it normally anything you would see me work on. However, my brain kept telling me to 'add this' or 'add that' and VOILA...this crazy canvas art was created.

I think I like it because I have already gone out and bought a few more pieces of canvas to work with...

What do you think? Is it crazy...or am I?

Have a happy crafting day wherever you are!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Road trip to Cheticamp

This past weekend, the Shabby Shutters peeps (and friends) packed our bags and headed to beautiful Cheticamp. We spent the entire day Saturday scrapping with friends, eating some amazing Acadian cuisine, listening to some pretty wild music and laughing so hard that our bellies hurt!

I wish I could say that I had ONE picture of us scrapping, but we were having SO much fun that the camera didn't even come out once during the entire day Saturday. On Sunday morning we got up and drove around to get a few pictures so that we could have the proof that we were actually there. We stopped in a few local craft stores and along a few look-offs for some breath-taking views.

Below are a few pictures that I did manage to snap during the weekend. We're all hoping to get back to Cheticamp for another great night of scrappin' with friends!

The rugged shorelines 

This little antique shop in the middle of nowhere!

We ate supper in the lighthouse! 

I couldn't help myself taking this picture. It gave me a chuckle. 

The beautiful church in Cheticamp