Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Coffee anyone?

I'm going to be completely honest with you! At first this stamp set called "Coffee Keeper" from Art Impressions Stamps really intimidated me! I loved it immediately, however I couldn't seem to 'follow' the instructions on the package. Seriously, I had a hard time understanding how to put the project together. So...the stamp sat in my 'new' pile for a few weeks...until yesterday. I figured, "who were they to tell me how to put a project together?". Its a freaking cup, get over it. Alas, this version was born.

There are a lot of layers here due to the fact that I kept changing my mind. I think when I make it again there will be some changes to the layers but for now it is done and I love it. Doesn't the coffee lid look real? A few layers of Ultra Thick Embossing Powder worked wonders here.

Because it is considered a "gift card" holder and I shot the instructions out the window,  I went ahead and put a little envelope pouch on the inside of the card. This will hold the gift card.

I haven't decided if I will make this a part of a card class or not. My inspiration seems to be bursting out the sides and my hands can't keep up with the brain so I dare say that other 'versions' of this cup will be born as well.

Have you used this stamp?

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