Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Just a winters day at the beach

My Shadow
 Everyone needs a little time away from the craft table, don't they? As much as I love to craft, I also love photography. On this particular day my husband and I went driving around and I had my camera in tow. Its not too often I don't hoard it around with me. It was cold outside but it was a perfect day to clear my head and just take some pictures.
 We are very fortunate to be able to jump in our car and drive a few minutes to get to the beach. Anybody who is fortunate enough to live near the ocean really should take advantage of it and experience it in the middle of the winter as well as any other season. Who cares if you can't take your bathing suit and tanning lotion with you...bundle up warm and throw a scarf and mittens (fingerless ones so you can still take pictures!) on and go explore! The world is ours to discover!
My husband combing the banks
Just a glorious picture of the sun beating down on the beach
Wild Mussel shell

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  1. Love your Pics Darly, I see the beach in a whole new different light now :)