Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Art comes in many many forms...

Art comes in many forms and it does not always have to be created on a piece of paper. Below are just a few samples of things that make you take a step back and realize that you or somebody just like you created that. Whether you consider it art or not...it was made using our hands as the tools and it is something to be proud of!

doodling art
the art of scrapbooking
The art of flower arranging

The art of Stained Glass

The art of creating a snowman (simple but still an art in my eyes)

Moi...the hired help for the day of building lobster traps

A few of the creations 
Last but not least...the art of making a lobster trap. Totally not the kind of item you would consider art right?
However, when I watch (and occasionally help...photo to prove it) my husband create these traps from scratch and I see how 'picky' he is about what pieces of wood go where, and how deep the nail is hit and how tight the netting is I realize that he is also an artist in his own way. He has taken a long lost art and has kept it alive. Each trap being a challenge to be better than the last one.

Long live the many forms of art and the people who create it.

Happy craftin'!

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