Monday, 16 January 2012

Peek into my craft space

 We recently moved into this house so I am still in the process of changing my craft space around pretty much on a weekly basis. My husband is always saying, "I've never seen anybody move stuff around as much as you!". I always have to explain to him that it is such a new space for me that I am trying to figure out what works and what doesn't work. I have the entire half of the loft so it is a nice cozy space to be creating in for sure.

Part of my ribbon collection. Only the spools that fit on the holder are displayed here. The rest are in a few totes scattered thru out the craft space.
This is my least favorite space. I find it looks so cluttered and it is not what I had pictured when I look at other crafters blogs. Everybody elses looks so pretty...I just find mine looks so cluttered! It does hold a lot of storage mind you, but still not an overall pleasing view. This space holds everything from my Cuttlebug and all its accessories, my many many collections of pens, markers, paints, alcohol inks, cards and envelopes. Punches, more stamps, inks, stickles, pictures and the list goes on and on and on!
We had a chair left over from the living room set we purchased because my husband had to add a "man chair" to the set. This chair had no little home so I thought I would add a nice little reading corner to be able to cozy up in. I like that it faces the TV as well that is on the other side of the loft. My black glass shelves hold some of my wooden stamps and the 3 drawers hold most of my adhesives of every shape and size. The cube on the top of the drawers holds some recent bought papers to keep close at hand for inspiration. The big green tote holds card stock of every color. 

Looks a little cluttered again! Here is a view from behind my craft table.   There are a lot of items that still need homes! The wire hanging basket is one that was in the kitchen when we moved in. I hung it from the beams and it now holds some of my every day essentials. The wicker rack is a magazine rack I had bought at Wicker Emporium a long long time ago and so I repurposed that and organized some of my favorite patterned papers. The white cabinet in behind holds some crafts that I make for consignment and then the armoire next to that holds LOTS of junk and all the boxes and manuals for my cameras. My clip it is on the floor next to that and an old repurposed CD shelf holds some recent made cards and some of my favorite pictures of my Mama. A basket of acrylic stamps sits on the floor for now (until I find a home for them!). There are doors in behind a homemade magnet board and that extra storage is a life saver hiding all the crafts I don't use on a day to day basis. 

A general overall view from "the other side" of the loft. Underneath my table is a few baskets so I can separate my paper and plastics to make it easier for garbage day! There is also an old wire rack that I bought at a yard sale and repainted it a basic grey. That holds most of my products that I use on a day to day basis...inks, punches, adhesive and pop-up dots. 
I hope you enjoyed having a peek into my space. Happy crafting!

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  1. Darly, Love your space! makes me jealous.... It's so cozy and well thought out :)