Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ink Shakes anyone?

What do you get when you cross Alcohol Inks and a Straw? An ink shake?? ( I know, stick to the crafts not the jokes eh?) These little creations are unique in themselves and no two creations will EVER be the same. They are messy little buggers to play with, but with a craft mat underneath it sure helps keep the mess somewhat in order. I have also discovered that the mess on the craft mat afterwards ends up being another creation in itself. All one has to do is add Alcohol Ink Remover to the mat and "swoosh" a glossy piece of card stock (face side down) thru the Inks and Remover. I'm getting ahead of myself though....
This card is simply "blown ink" :) All you need is a piece of glossy card stock, Alcohol Inks of different colors and a straw. Only add one or two dots of Alcohol Ink at a time (it dries extremely fast!) and then blow thru the straw to create different shapes. I have tried long straws and also cut some into very short straws just to see if it would create different shapes. The shorter the straw the more powerful the "spread out" tends to me...or that is what I think.
Once I was satisfied with the amount of colors and the distribution on the card then I simply picked out my other card stock colors and created a simple card. After all, the Alcohol Inks are the star. Don't you think?