Monday, 19 December 2011

The Loft (mini make over)

 The Before: When we first looked at purchasing this house this was the way they had their loft decorated. Cute, but totally not our style. Originally this was supposed to be my side of the loft for crafting but upon further discovery we realized that all the cable hook-ups were located on this side. The big "switch-a-roo" had to happen. I was getting the other half of the loft for my crafting. It did end up working better in the end because of 3 things;
1. The south window is located there
2. The built in shelves are located there
3. The huge storage cupboards are located there.
Eventually when my side looks somewhat organized I will post the pictures of where I am crafting now. However, for today it will be Nates side that I show you...

The After: It looks a little more inviting than the wicker that was previously here. The sofa is super comfortable too...which is a bonus. The best part of all though is the VIEW! Sitting in that chair and watching the view is not even comparable to watching the TV. The channel that I enjoy viewing the most is the one in my front yard. Between otters and ducks and eagles it is a new view every day...each one just a little better than the one the day before.
Now to get my craft side done so I can show you what I have done to make my scrap table more workable!

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