Thursday, 29 December 2011

Camper Sign

My crafty little fingers have been busy as a bee for the last few weeks. I have made lots of little gifts for the holiday season...some for others...some for me. One of the items that I was asked to make was a camper sign for my Aunt and Uncle who are avid campers. I was given a piece of plain pine board 1' x 2' and a can of spray varnish and given carte blanche. My favorite. I was also told to make it look old/weathered. Not a problem.
I painted the entire board black and then applied a layer of 'crackle'. I then painted with a white and that allowed the black crackles to come thru. I drew the names and camper with pencil and then colored it in and applied shadows/highlights. I drew a little camper to make it look fun. My husband cut me some pieces of trim and I again painted and crackled with black and then white. The frame got nailed and glued on and hooks were added to the top to allow it to be hung. The entire piece was finally covered in varnish.
( the crackle on the back)

All in all I think it turned out ok and it was a fun change to working with paper.

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  1. Projects like this are so much fun, your sign turned out great!